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Compare the specifications of every stove fan in our extensive range with our easy to use comparison table.

As a rule, the larger the area needing to be heated, the higher airlow required from a stove fan.

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Model Min Temp Max Temp Airflow Height      Weight Warranty Origin Price

SmartFan Mini

065°C (149ºF) 330°C (626ºF) 160CFM (306m³/ h) 190mm (7.5") 800g (1.76lbs) 2 years Ireland £94.95


065°C (149ºF) 330°C (626ºF) 200CFM (340m³/ h) 220mm (8.66") 1000g (2.20lbs) 2 years Ireland £119.95


150°C (300ºF) 450°C (840ºF) 250CFM (425m³/ h) 308mm (12.13") 1150g (2.53lbs) 1 year UK £149.95


080°C (176ºF) 370°C (700°F) 100CFM (170m³ / h) 230mm (9.06") 900g (1.98lbs) 1 year Belgium £59.95


050°C (120ºF) 340°C (640ºF) 205CFM (350m³/ h) 210mm (8.27") 1450g (3.2lbs) 1 year Lithuania £139.95

Valiant 2 Blade

100°C (212ºF) 345°C (650ºF) 140CFM (238m³ / h) 230mm (9.06") 900g (1.98lbs) 1 year UK £64.95

Valiant 4 Blade

100°C (212ºF) 345°C (650ºF) 160CFM (272m³ / h) 230mm (9.06") 1000g (2.20lbs) 1 year UK £69.95

Phoenix 2 Blade

100°C (212ºF) 345°C (650ºF) 190CFM (306m³/ h) 195mm (7.6") 800g (1.76lbs) 2 year UK £69.95

Phoenix 4 Blade

080°C (176ºF) 340°C (640ºF) 200CFM (340m³/ h) 195mm (7.6") 700g (1.54lbs) 2 year UK £69.95

Phoenix Mini

080°C (176ºF) 340°C (640ºF) 190CFM (306m³/ h) 185mm (7.1") 700g (1.54lbs) 2 year UK £79.95

Ventum II Compact

045°C (113ºF) 320°C (608ºF) 400CFM (714m³/ h) 174mm (6.85") 480g (1.06lbs) 2 years UK £84.95

Ventum III

045°C (113ºF) 320°C (608ºF) 420CFM (849m³/ h) 199mm (7.83") 530g (1.17lbs) 2 years UK £89.95

Premium 4 Blade

070°C (158ºF) 340°C (640ºF) 350CFM (595m³/ h) 199mm (7.83") 550g (1.21lbs) 2 years UK £84.95

SmartFan LT Mini

060°C (140ºF) 190°C (374ºF) 150CFM (255m³/ h) 190mm (7.1") 800g (1.76lbs) 2 years Ireland £94.95

SmartFan LT

060°C (140ºF) 190°C (374ºF) 150CFM (255m³/ h) 220mm (8.66") 1000g (2.20lbs) 2 years Ireland £119.95


100°C (212ºF) 240°C (464ºF) 045CFM (76m³/ h) 145mm (5.71") 550g (1.21lbs) 1 year UK £189.95

Warpfive Steelhead

110°C (230ºF) 450°C (840ºF) 320CFM (544m³/ h) 325mm (12.8") 1080g (2.39lbs) Lifetime UK £237.95

Warpfive Glasshopper

070°C (158ºF) 300°C (572ºF) 260CFM (442m³/ h) 325mm (12.8") 1020g (2.26lbs) Lifetime UK £273.95

Warpfive Sidewinder

110°C (230ºF) 450°C (840ºF) 320CFM (544m³/ h) 225mm (8.8") 1150g (2.53lbs) Lifetime UK £291.95

Warpfive Twin Speed

120°C (254ºF) 450°C (840ºF) 440CFM (748m³/ h) 225mm (8.8") 1150g (2.53lbs) Lifetime UK £439.95

Vanquish 250

050°C (120ºF) 340°C (640ºF) 425CFM (859m³/ h) 250mm (9.85") 700g (1.54lbs) 2 years UK £109.95